Be prepared for the digital future

If your future aim is to increase your operability and/or cost efficiency, as well as improve your sustainability, we can provide a set of services, insights, and solutions that support you in overcoming these challenges. We can augment your current supply chain in a way that has not yet been possible, and to some degree even unimaginable, preparing you for the digital future.

Part Selection

Not all components can and should be realized through additive manufacturing. But how do we know what parts to print?

How can you make sure that the parts you want to print creates value for your organization? Assessing catalogues of parts is something we excel at. Looking at the parameters that are important to your organizations, we can help you find components to-be-printed, that brings you value by optimizing your supply chain. Furthermore, we can also help you assess bottom-up cases by working through datasets to see if they truly make sense to print, or if they are only valuable as demonstrations.

Business Model Development

When adopting emerging technologies, a multitude of business models can be extracted to create value for your organization.

In additive manufacturing, six major business models have presented themselves, and are currently being used by several companies: mass customization, mass variety, mass segmentation, mass modularization, mass complexity, and mass standardization. These business models are not mutually exclusive, and all of them can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses. So how can you implement these in your business? We can help you transform your current business models to integrate additive manufacturing in your current workflow.

Moving Industries to the Digital Era

We take pride in working with organizations with high demands for operability, be it within energy, defence, shipping, logistics, offshore, manufacturing, or other sectors.

Moving your organization into the digital era contains more than adopting new manufacturing technologies. Industry 4.0 affects all aspects of your value chain – from supply chain logistics to finished products. From your business models to your QA/QC procedures. We can help you move into the digital era before you fall behind.

Not your ordinary 3D printing company

Yes – a lot of our work is within the world of additive manufacturing and 3D printing. However, we are not your ordinary 3D printing company. With expert knowledge within the full spectrum of the applied additive manufacturing domain. From insights in supply chain logistics and business model development, to designing for additive manufacturing, topology optimization, qualification assessment and control, and process simulation, we are able to aid you in the world of additive manufacturing and digitalization.

Mobile Manufacturing

Mobile additive manufacturing gives you the possibility of on-demand production of spare parts or technical components just-in-time. Our NOMAD Series introduces industrial additive manufacturing setups, transportable by air, sea, and land. The NOMAD Modules can operate fully self-sustained in extreme conditions, supporting your operations in austere or remote locations.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Both financial and environmental benefits are outcomes from sustainable business practices and sustainable manufacturing. By sustainable manufacturing, we refer to manufactured components through economically-sound processes which minimizes negative environmental impacts by reducing required energy and natural resources. Additive manufacturing can reduce your overall footprint and be a sustainable alternative to your current manufacturing processes.

Additive Manufacturing Insight

As any other technology, additive manufacturing is based on knowledge, expertise, and experience – both in the applied sense, but also when it comes to all of the non-hardware related issues: how do you create value for your organization through additive manufacturing? How can you optimize your supply chain? How can you transform your current workflow, and be ready for the ongoing industrial revolution? Fear not – we are here to help you with our additive manufacturing insight.

We digitize everything – why not your inventory?

Industry 4.0 is already here – time to act

Large-scale machine-to-machine communication, internet of things, increased automation, self-monitoring and smart equipment are all things that belong to Industry 4.0 – the ongoing industrial revolution.

Transition from capex to opex

Moving towards digital warehousing and digital inventories, we can aid your transition from capital expenditure (capex) to operational expenditure (opex). Digital spare part subscription-models and per-part handling fees will be integral in reducing your overall costs and lead times, whilst increasing the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Efficient warehousing is not enough – digital warehouses are

We have developed a marketplace to uphold the digital inventory ecosystem – thus unlocking the potential of digital supply chains. Our marketplace allows suppliers to share and monetize on digital spare parts, licensing production to pre-qualified additive manufacturing factories near the end user.